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Pure Prevention

Our services for women include:

We all want healthy, vibrant lives and families. We need to be more deliberate and focused about our health. The underlying principle with PurePrevention™ is a simple 20% change in lifestyle leads to an 80% improvement in overall health.

What is your bodytelling you? A physical is the starting point for hearing what your body is telling you. When was the last time you had one? Your physical test results are easy to understand and act upon. Our Red, Yellow, and Green indicators clearly let you know what your body is telling you…

Appointments are scheduled for men’s and women’s PurePrevention™ physicals with a provider of your choice. Just call the center to schedule an appointment.

It’s your body and every physical is designed according to your input. Special focus will be given to areas that are concerning you. Let us know your worry and we’ll check it out.

Women……we hear you! We understand that you have unique healthcare needs. Often, women have a difficult time communicating symptoms and needs to their doctor. Not at PureHealth, we are here to listen. We want you to be an active participant in your healthcare options. Call for an appointment with the provider of your choice.

Our services for women include:

  • Annual exams and pap smears
  • Family planning and pregnancy testing
  • GYN and menstrual cycle disorders
  • Ovarian and breast cancer screening
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